So now that I’ve had a little bit of time to process what happened to us last weekend, I can write about it. Last weekend, while we were in Sacramento, my car was broken into and so much was stolen. We took my son and his best friend to their very first concert last Saturday and on Sunday while checking out of our hotel, apparently someone was watching me load my car because they waited until I loaded my last load which was all of my important items like my purse and my laptop and my iPad and my craft bag. I loaded the last of our luggage into my car, went back into our room one last time to check if I had missed anything and when I walked back out to my car, two of my windows had been busted in.

I had told my hubby to take the kids to the pool and I’d load the car. Boy, am I regretting that now…  I wasn’t quite ready yet and they were chomping at the bit to go swimming so I said I’d finish getting ready, load the car and then I’d meet them at the pool.

I don’t even care about the laptop or the iPad or my purse. Most of it is replaceable. But they took my external hard drive.  Every single video I’ve ever recorded, thousands of pictures of Jayden and his friends, holidays, birthdays, field trips, all of them are gone…  why did I have such a valuable item with me, you ask? Well because all of my card making videos are on that same hard drive. I figured I would bring my laptop and my ext. HD and maybe get a video edited early in the morning while I waited for everyone else to get up.  I usually get up around 5 a.m. so I figured I had a couple hours to get some work done.

They took so much more than that, which is amazing considering the little amount of time they had, but the external hard drive is all I really care about. I’m pretty bummed about my craft bag too since they don’t make it anymore. All of my brand new Purple Onion Designs stamps were in that bag. My day planner, the only day planner I actually liked!!  They got my brand new Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils as well as my Prisma pencils.

Usually, I’m always in my car or at least someone is, when I have important items like that in my car, but it was the middle of the day, I was literally only gone maybe 5 minutes, never in a million years would I have ever thought this could happen.  I thought the Doubletree by Hilton was a pretty decent hotel. I guess I was wrong. I had actually backed my rig up to the door so it would be less of a haul for me since I was packing out 4 people’s luggage AND I was directly below a security camera. There were gates all around the hotel, but most of them just stayed opened so they were kind of pointless. The hotel was NOT very accommodating at all. They wouldn’t even view the security footage without a subpoena.   They wouldn’t even let the cops view the footage without a subpoena. I don’t understand that one….  We think it may have been someone that works there. Not to mention, it took them well over 20 minutes to even send someone back to where we were!!!  And the first words they uttered to me was that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items in the parking lot…  Really??!!?

Anyway, this week has been fun. I can’t even rent a car because I have no license. My license was in my purse. I don’t have any credit cards, the only card I had in my wallet was my bank card. So it’s back to writing checks for me!!  At least until my new bank card comes.  They did try using my bank card.  Twice at Target.  Once for $800 and again for $400.  I guess the jokes on them because there wasn’t $400 in that account.

All of my medications were stolen, yet my insurance won’t cover the cost to replace them, so there’s even more money we’re out. Tell me how this makes any sense….  WE get robbed, yet we’re the ones that are out $1,500 in deductible fees…  What the wha???

They got my husband’s duffle bag, they stole my son’s duffle bag, they stole my travel bag, my craft bag, my computer bag and my purse. Target bags full of newly purchased items, MY CRAFT BAG!!! I’ll say it again for additional shock value.  What the HECK are they going to do with all those brand new, never been used stamps?!!??  Talk about feeling violated!!!  I’ve mourned the loss of my stamps and videos and pictures and now I’m just angry.

I know I should jump back into cardmaking and recording more videos and get right back to it…  But I’m feeling a little deflated.

Hoping for a better weekend….


This is the security camera that was pointing directly at my car… yet the hotel wouldn’t share this with the cops, unless they has a subpoena. Really??

Shame on you, Doubletree Hotel…  shame on you!!!


25 thoughts on “Robbed…

  1. HOW terrible!!! So much for security cameras and insurance. grrrrr So sorry to read this…shame on the hotel for not releasing their footage. Glad they were arrested and sure hoping for a miracle and you get your hard drive back at least. sigh.


    1. Thanks Pam. I’m still praying that someone will find it, plug it in and maybe see one of my videos on there that I make for my YouTube channel and get in touch with me. I know it’s a slim chance, but it’s better than being hopeless. Yeah, I’m still pretty unhappy with the whole hotel situation.


  2. Hoping you continue to blast the Doubletree Hotel into action and cooperation to it’s guests. Do whatever you can do on social media….it does get their attention. Sorry for all your losses…I’m sure in the future you will never ever leave your purse and/or laptop in your car!


  3. OMGosh Misty, I’m speechless!!! Why or why do people do this to other people?!! Yes, they must have been watching you and knew you were alone. Thank God they just broke into the car and not into your room while you were alone! A few rotten apples in the bunch and ruin the whole bushel! But what really gets me is that the Hotel wouldn’t let the police view the video camera!! I just don’t get that at all! I think I would have stood there and told every one that came in not to stay there. lol Then I would have been thrown out! I’m just in awe that they didn’t care one way or the other about what happened. Yes, I know they aren’t responsible, but still they should have been more forth coming! Makes one wonder if they were all working together to steal from their customers!!! I know too that it is that ext hard drive that is the most important to you and I’m so sorry you lost all that. I will pray that the police recover it for you along with your other belongings. I just wish people would love one another and not cause them grief and pain!! Big hugs my friend as I know you need them. Brenda

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    1. Hi Brenda!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I’m still very grateful that it was only my car.. And I’m still pretty upset at the hotel. Hey, we did get 2 free coffees out of this.. LOL no joke… I’m happy to report that they arrested a man and woman about a week or so after this happened, thanks to my picture of her license plate. We followed them for a while until my friend, who’s husband is the cop we called, told us to stand down. We had 2 kids in the car and didn’t know if they had a weapon or what so we let them drive away. Luckily I had taken a picture of the license plate and sure enough the woman had a warrant out for her arrest. Unfortunately, none of our items were recovered… When the officer called to tell me, he was actually in their hotel room so I asked him if he saw a little black hard drive laying around anywhere.. lol There wasn’t, but I had to ask. They thought they found my laptop so I was hopeful for a split second, but it turned out it wasn’t. I’m just glad they at least were arrested, makes me feel a little better…


    2. OH! And I DID stand there and tell everyone not to stay there. Well, it was more like I yelled it as I stormed out the door. I yelled at everyone in the lobby not to stay there because your car will get broken into and the hotel won’t do a damn thing about it… lol. and then I ran to the car and told Ross to hurry up and get the hell outta there before security tackled me to the ground… hahahaha


  4. This is such a tragedy, Misty. I can’t imagine bearing the loss of all those precious photos. That is one of my nightmares. I pray that you can get some closure and that some of your things turn up but it doesn’t sound like the police are that concerned about following through or viewing the security footage. You will probably go through all the stages of grief because this is truly a loss and everyone will understand.


  5. That is awful. Thank goodness none of you were hurt, but still, it is a truly horrid experience. You are justified in being angry, because it is the personal stuff you can’t replace. What is wrong with the people that do this kind of thing?

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    1. Thank you. Yeah, that’s what I kept telling myself. We followed the suspects for awhile but was told to back off. We had 2 kids in the car, and we didn’t know if they were on drugs or had a gun or what. Turns out it was the people we were following. I took a pic of her license plate and luckily, they were arrested a week or so later. Unfortunately none of our items were recovered. At least justice was served. It’s a small token of satisfaction.

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  6. Misty, What a horrid thing to happen. There is a special kind of hell for people that do that. Having had my home burglarized I understand the trauma of having your personal space invade and pillaged. And how much more devastating it must be when you only were gone for a few minutes. And your CRAFTY stuff…thats just wrong on so many levels. Sending lots of hugs.


  7. I am so sorry to hear this, Misty! I don’t blame you for being angry and deflated. I can’t imagine how awful it must have been to not only find your precious items stolen, but to have the hotel not help in such a manner. I am livid on your behalf! I don’t suppose there is any chance of getting your things back?

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    1. Thank you Miranda. You are so sweet. I don’t think it’s gonna happen, unfortunately. I can’t even get through to the records department at the Sacto. Police Dept. to give them my serial numbers!! It keeps saying all lines are busy. Try back later. Click. The other hard one to swallow is I had about $400 in cash in my purse. I NEVER ever EVER have cash, except this one time… The boys had been saving all their money, stacking firewood, selling firewood, you name it. So I had 2 envelopes in my purse, one with all Bubby’s money and another with all of Jayden’s. And then my hubs just sold a tool before we left so we’d have a little extra spending money. So All together it was about $400. I’m just shocked that nobody seemed willing to help me. Not the hotel, not the police, not my car insurance, my homeowner’s is covering “some” of the items which is the list I’m working on now but they’ll only cover $250 of the $400. It’s better than nothing though, that’s for sure.


  8. I am so sorry to hear about this and sad that you had to experience it. I hope that you are able to recover some of your losses. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.


  9. So sorry to hear this happened to you and your family. Hope through police/insurance investigations, you will be able to regain something that meant so much. Sending load of prayers and hugs.


  10. So very sad to hear this when you shared the photo over Instagram. It’s hard to imagine that this could happen in such a short period of time when you actually lock the doors! This can easily happen when people forget to lock the car doors (which is often the case)! You are ENTITLED to be angry/sad and mourn for the huge loss… I can’t imagine the loss of the kids videos and many other precious items, too. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Do take your needed time to process this every unfortunate event and keep us posted about your progress ( when you are up to it). Sending big hugs!


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