Although I HATE doing videos on the wrong side of the camera, I had to do one in order to announce my little “Thank You” giveaway over on my YouTube channel.  Click here to be directed to my video.  So yeah.  I’m so excited and happy and in disbelief that I’ve reached 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel!!!  WOOHOO!!!  That’s just crazy to me!!  As a way of saying thank you, I have a couple prizes to give to 2 lucky winners.

I’ve been kinda MIA on the cardmaking homefront lately, life has thrown me a couple curveballs but I’m slowly swimming back up to the top and hoping to start working on some new cards as early as next week.  So stay tuned!!  Meanwhile…  go check out my YouTube channel!!!

13 thoughts on “500 SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY On My YouTube Channel

  1. You did great on the other side of the camera Misty and you were too cute! A big congrats on your 500 subbies, I have complete faith that you will get to a 1000 in no time at all!!! Hugs, Brenda

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  2. You are so CUTE on the other side of camera! I hope that you know you are doing GREAT work and I sure hope to see your subscriptions increase as you have so much for offer! Congrats on reaching 500 subscribers and more!

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    1. Hi Virginia!! I could’ve swore I commented on all these but it’s like that didn’t go thru or something… Anyway, THANK YOU!!! Your feedback means a lot to me as does your friendship. Thank you for your sweet comment. And thank you for always being so supportive. ❤ Hugs to you ~


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