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Well, some of you may already know this but by the time I post this I’ll have already shared some really awesome news.  I’m so excited to have joined the design team for a blog called Always Fun Challenges.  We’ll be doing weekly challenges and would love for you to join in with us!!  The theme for the first challenge is “Anything Goes”.  You can click here to be taken directly to the AFC blog.  If you’d like to join in on the fun, just add your entry between now and Saturday.  Instructions can be found on the blog.  Below is my entry.


I used Time for Wine by Simon Says Stamp and colored it with my Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils.  These images were super fun to color!!  This is only the 2nd card I’ve made using these colored pencils and I have to say, I think I’m in love.  They color like a dream.  Very smooth, very easy to blend.  I know I’ve said this before, but the polychromos are oil based instead of wax based so you don’t get the wax build up like you can get with other colored pencils.  I’ve listed the colors I used below.  I added some glossy accents to the glass and I LOVE how it turned out!!


Another first for me were the Nuvo drops.  This color matched so perfectly and added just the right finishing touch.  This is Rhubarb Crumble.  I think this is my new favorite embellishment at the moment.  I don’t use embellishments all too often, but I hope to change that now.  The Nuvo drops took a bit of practice, but I learned that some of them have different consistencies.  Some came out fairly easy and leveled out all by themselves while others never did.  Here’s my practice sheets.


The bottom row on the left and the top 3 rows on the right never did level out so they have a less than favorable shape to them.  The rest of them did pretty well.  The coral colored ones that are 4th down on the right are not Nuvo, it’s actually Enamel Dots by Ranger.


See how the bottom row turned out?  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it…  Check out this close up though.  Aren’t they beautiful?!!?  Look how perfect some of them turned out!!


These are my favorites.  Listed in order from top to bottom:

Rhubarb Crumble, Pale Periwinkle, Rosewater, Duck Egg Blue.

The bottom photo from top to bottom:

Silver Moondust, Caribbean Ocean and Sherbert (and then another row of Rhubarb Crumble).

Anyway, the Rhubarb Crumble drop matched my coloring perfectly so I added a few of them as my final touch.  I also used some jute twine and for my background, I used woodgrain kraft card stock that I am madly in love with.


Leaves:  May Green (170), Chromium Green Opaque (174), Green Gold (268), Indian Red (192), Venetian Red (190)

Grapes:  Manganese Violet (160), Magenta (133), Violet (138), Crimson (134)

Bottle:  Earth Green Yellowish (168), May Green (170), Olive Green Yellowish (173), Chromium Green Opaque (174)

Cork:  Bistre (179)

Glass:  Cold Grey II (231), Cold Grey III (232)

Well, that’s it for my very first challenge as a design team member!!  That sounds so cool!!  I’m so excited to be a part of this and to do something I’ve never done before.  And I can’t wait to see what you guys create!!

I didn’t do a YouTube video on this one, but next week will definitely have a process video to go along with it. I simply didn’t have time this week. I am however, learning some time saving tips and tricks to utilize in Adobe Premiere Pro (which is what I use to edit my videos) so my editing process will hopefully (fingers crossed) be cut down considerably, making it more likely that I’ll have a process video for all my entries from here on out.  It’s not easy taking a couple hours of video and cramming what I think are the most important parts into a 10-12 minute video…  I know some of you can relate..

I’m entering this in the “Anything Goes” challenge at Always Fun Challenges Blog and also at Darnell’s 2nd Annual April Fool’s Boo-Boo Hop and NBUS Challenge #11

Until next week, my friends….





33 thoughts on “Always Fun Challenges Blog

      1. Well darn… A friend went looking for it today and they only have the April issue at JoAnn’s. I wish I lived near a JoAnn’s so I could go myself. Ok, well thank you so much for telling me about it. Hopefully I’ll get to see it at some point… lol

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  1. So pretty, Misty!! I missed seeing this when you first posted. Your card is just stunning and your coloring is beautiful! Those Nuvo drops are cool (when they cooperate!). 🙂 I spent some time last weekend making a sheet of drops and learned the same thing you did re: the consistency of different types of drops. I ended up throwing out my sheet of drops because I couldn’t get them off the acetate. I think I’m going to try a silicone mat next time because the acetate either resulted in broken drops when I finally managed to pry them off or stubbornly adhered drops. Out of 50+ drops, I think I had 5 that were salvageable.

    Anyway – congrats on your DT gig! So sorry I missed the chance to enter for the inaugural challenge, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future challenges (now that I’m creating and blogging again).

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    1. Hi Christy!!! Thank you for your sweet message. I’m so glad to hear you’re creating and blogging again!! That’s awesome!! It’s ok that you missed the first challenge. There will be lots more. 😊We actually had a really great turnout for our first!! So many adorable cards.. I’m glad I’m not the only one that had that experience with the Nuvo drops. I can’t believe you only had a few salvageable ones. That’s a bummer. If you do try again on a silicone mat, would you let me know how it goes please? I would love to find an easier alternative.. most of mine came off ok, but some I wasted too much time trying to pry off and if there’s an easier way, I want in… 😉 Well I hope to see you at this weeks challenge, and if not this weeks, then hopefully soon. It’s nice chatting with you. 😊😊 Hope you have a great week ~


  2. Loving your card my friend! I am in love with nuvo drops… let me tell you! I don´t use a lot of embellishments on my cards but, since I bought one of them now I want every color of nuvos there is! hahaha you know! well thanks for the close up photos that help me decide which ones I want! hugs

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    1. Thanks Waleska!! I’m the exact same way!! I don’t really used embellishments too often but now that I’ve had time to play with the Nuvo drops, I want to start using them more on my cards. I really like the translucent ones. 😊


  3. Misti: Congratulations on the DT. I’ll be hopping over to take a look and see if I can join in. Its a busy week for me this week. Your card is wonderful, I love those winey colors and the whole wine theme. As for the nuvo drops, I flick my finger against the underside of the card (ya I live dangerously and put them right on the card front…I probably should rethink that…since I just picked up several new colors.)


  4. What a beautiful design you’ve created with that fun set, Misty! It’s a perfect inspiration piece for your role as a Design Team member! Congratulations!! I’m sure they are thrilled to have you on the team! Thanks for the photo info on the Drops, too! And a big thanks for joining in my NBUS Challenge #11! Hugs, Darnell

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  5. Hi Misty, thanks for popping by my blog today and your sweet comment! Great colouring and a great design on this card. I have found the same as you with the Nuvo drops, some work better than others! I now try a few out on scrap before committing to a project – I have had too many projects ruined by taking the drops direct to the project . . . I’m a slow learner you see! LOL I have also made my own ‘enamel’ drops by melting Perler beads, using WOW ‘Melt It’, enamel accents, Viva ‘Perlen Pen’ . . . you name it! Sometimes, if they don’t look like they are going to flatten properly, just give the underside of the card a little flick and that gets them to settle! Have a lovely week! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic


  6. Wow Misty, I am so loving your wine card!!! I need that stamp set for a friend of mine. lol Well for a lot of friends of mine. No we aren’t wineo’s but do love our wine! The pencils you used do indeed color so pretty and you have out did yourself in color this one up! I also love the drops, I so want some myself so they are on my wish list to get and try. Hugs, Brenda


    1. Hi Brenda!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! I made this one for my Mom for her Birthday. She’s a wine lover too. =) YES!! This is a great stamp set to have!! I know I’ll make many more with this set… I love stamp sets that I know I will use over and over again. It helps me to justify my purchase… lol Hope you are doing well, friend. Hugs back ~


  7. Hi, Misty!!!!
    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a sweet comment on my blog over the weekend!!!!! I haven’t been posting or commenting on blogs for a few weeks, but I hope to be doing some cards again, now and I do hope that the eye-infection I have at the moment will be gone soon, so that I can be back to commenting again, too!!!!! I’ve been feeling this infection coming since Saturday and yesterday it was already very irritating, but I was still wearing my contact lens. This morning I decided to not put the contact lens in my eye and only wear the left lens!!!! The problem is that I have to sit with my nose nearly touching the screen to see what I’m typing, now!!!!!! LOL!!!! Oh, this is super frustrating and I hope that it will be better by tomorrow – I got some drops at the chemist and I hope it will have my eye better by tomorrow!!!! You can imagine how I struggled to make the card I posted today, and it took me forever to type up the post!!!!!! LOL!!!!
    And then, my friend ….. congratulations on your first DT spot!!!! I am so happy for you and I wish you a very happy time with the team!!!!! When I’m finished here, I’m going to check out the challenge – you might just see me joining in when my eye is better!!!!
    As someone who lives in a wine producing country with fabulous local wines, how can I not love your beautiful card!!!!!??? You have created such a beautiful scene and that sentiment is just the best, hey!!!! Your colouring is fabulous and I love the twine bow to go with the wine theme!!! Wonderfully done!!!!!
    Your Nuvo drops are just great!!!!! I love the beautiful colours and some of them really came out perfectly!!!! I love enamel dots, but they are way to expensive over here for me to buy them!!!!! These Nuvo drops look like a wonderful alternative!!!!!! I’ll be looking for them on your cards from now on!!!!
    OK, my friend, I’m going to check out the challenge, now and then I think I’ll be logging off the computer – too frustrating with this terrible eye to do more – it is already nearly 8 in the evening over here, so I’ll just finish early tonight!!!!
    Keep well, my friend – so lovely visiting you again!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

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    1. Oh, Petra!! That sounds very frustrating!! I’m sorry to hear that. Well, I will add you to my prayers today that it heals quickly so you can get back to having TWO working eyes… LOL I can TOTALLY picture you with one contact in and your nose to the screen though. Hahaha, I wear contacts too and I’m blind as a bat without them so I laugh because I would be the same way!!! =D
      I am so with you on the out of the blog loop lately. It just seems like I barely have time to take a shower or sleep these days, so unfortunately, keeping up on my friends blogs have dwindle dramatically lately. I too hope to get back into it because I really enjoy seeing all of your cards and hearing what everyone has to say. So don’t feel bad about that one, at least you’re not alone!! It seems like everyone’s lives are always on the go these days.. I know mine is… We’re right in the middle of baseball season and then we move right into football season and I’m training to be the VP of our football league next year, and my hubby coaches our little guys so free time is a thing of the past!! And of course I try to make it to every practice and I just HAVE to be the team mom AND be our score keeper, I couldn’t have it any other way!! So I won’t complain. I love being involved in everything that my son is. But I don’t know how working Moms do it!! I can’t keep up as it is!! I am really trying to find time to enjoy my son (and his best friend who is like another son to us) because I know before I know it, they’ll be seniors and deciding where they want to move off to and go to school… I can’t even believe 4th grade is already almost over!!! Seems like it just started a couple of months ago… I have a really hard time saying no to people though. My Mom keeps telling me I’m going to look back and regret it if I don’t slow down and really enjoy everyday with my son. She’s always right…
      Anyway, Petra. It’s so good to hear from you. I hope you will join us for a challenge or two when your eye is all better. I LOVE seeing your cards!! You are quite talented, my friend. I sure hope to see more of your doodles soon. Hugs back ~


    1. Oh good!! I’m glad you checked it out!! Well no worries if you can’t join in this week. There’s always next week… and the next week… and the week after that… lol I know how busy life can get. But hopefully I’ll see you there, when time allows..? You have thru Saturday for the Anything Goes theme and then there will be a new theme starting on Monday!!


    1. Hi!! Thank you!! Hahaha, well you just made my day!! I’m going to share your comment with my hubby. At least someone thinks I’m a professional… =) He just thinks I spend waaay too much money on my hobby… He’s not entirely wrong, but that’s not the point.
      Yeah, those drops have a learning curve, that’s for sure.. I even tried again and I just can’t get them to even out or make anything resembling a circle.. I’m going to keep trying though!! Thanks for your comment. I hope you’ll join in on the challenges, when you can.

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    1. Hi there!! Isn’t it a great set?? I should have posted a pic of the whole stamp set. This is one of those sets that I know I’ll get my money’s worth out of it. Oh good!! I hope you do join in!! I look forward to seeing your entry. =)

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