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To the Absolute Best

Hello my dear friends!!  I know it’s a little early, but I have 1 of 3 of my Mother’s Day cards to show ya.  I don’t think any of them read my blog so I think I’m safe to share this with ya.  Blogging just isn’t really a “thing” in my little redneck town.  Neither is card making.  Which is why I treasure each and every one of your friendships so very much.

Ok, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.   I did a process video for this one, but I did it a little different than I usually do.  If you’d like to see it, scroll down to the bottom of this post.  Did you hear what I just said??  “It will be at the end of this post.”  I was so stinkin excited last week when I discovered that I can actually share my videos right here in my post!!!!  As if that isn’t cool enough…  I can also share them under the “videos” tab of my blog!!!  I was seriously hootin and hollering and singing and dancing throughout my house last weekend.  I can’t believe I JUST now figured out how to add my videos to my blog!!!  I’ve always just added a link, but now it will be one less step for anyone reading this here post, who happens to also want to watch my process video!!  Are you guys as excited as I am?!!??  Well, probably not, but I’m still grinning ear to ear just thinking about it.  And now that I have it all figured out, be sure to take a look at my video below!!

So much for short and sweet….  Let’s get to the point!!


I made this card for this week’s challenge at Always Fun Challenges.  The theme is “For a Female/Mom”.  And since I have 3 Mom’s, this one is for my actual Mom.  I’ll make another one for my Step Mom and also for my Mother In Law.

This card took me FOREVER to make!!  I think my problem was that I wanted it to be absolutely perfect for my Mom.  And I felt like no matter what I did, it just wasn’t good enough.  Well, 8 hours later, I finally have a finished product.  And I have to admit, I’m actually pretty happy with the results!!

Here’s a few more pix.



I was really wanting to use this embossing folder and the floral in the same card and I struggled with bringing them both together.  In the end, I think it came together quite nicely!!

Don’t forget to join us at Always Fun Challenges!!!  We have a new theme every week that runs from Monday through Saturday and everyone is invited to participate.  Even if you can’t participate this week, at least head over and check out all the awesome entries.  So far we’ve had some extremely talented ladies entering each week.

I hope you guys like this card as much as I do!!

I’m also entering this in the SSSflickrchallenge#70 – Anything Goes



12 thoughts on “To the Absolute Best

  1. Fabulous card Misty, you made some awesome color and design choices. I’ll be queuing up the video later when I do some card-making. I love watching while I craft gives the feeling of going to a crop.

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    1. Well thank you, Cat. Happy crafting!! That’s what I’m doing tonight too. I’ll warn you, my video is a little different this time. Not sure I’ll be doing it like that again, but I had to try. I want to know how people prefer it. My hubby convinced me to do it that way, but it’s not really my favorite. I’d love for you to share your honest thoughts if you’re willing…?


  2. I was excited to see your video in your post Misty! I always wondered why you never put them in your post, now i know why.The video was a tad bit to fast for me in some areas, but I’m old and a younger person would have been ok with it. lol Great job on the card, it is just beautiful. I loved the sentiment going across Mom, but I think where you put it is better because you would have had that big space on your circle with nothing if you had put it across the mom. I just love it both ways! lol Hugs, Brenda

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    1. Hi Brenda!! Thank you so much!! And thank you for your opinion. I think I’m with you. I’d prefer it slowed down, or at least like I usually do it. I’d rather watch an extra 5 minutes of a video rather than trying to strain my eyes to see what they’re doing. I guess I’m not going to worry about the analytics and just keep doing it the way I like doing it. 🙂


  3. I love this card! I know the feeling of discovering something new for your blog! I just know your mom is going to love this one! I love your coloring! Hugs my friend!😉

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  4. I’m glad you’re so excited about sharing videos, Misty, but it didn’t show up on my feed. Your card is lovely and I know what you mean about it sometimes taking way longer than you think it should to get the final results.
    Just curious. Where is this little ‘redneck’ town you speak of?


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