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DIY Card Kit Collab Card 2

Hi guys!!  Here is my second card that I made using the DIY card kit that Candace Gillespie from Candace’s Canvases put together for me.  She has the same kit and we both made 2 cards now using the same supplies.  You can check out my YouTube channel for all 3 videos.  First the unboxing, then my first card and now this one.  I also have links to her channel so you can see what she created as well.


Again, I had a lot of fun making these cards.  They were certainly challenging only because they were a little out of my comfort bubble, but I’m so glad I did it!!


But we’re not done!!  Very soon I will be putting a kit together for both of us to do this again using my kit!!  So stay tuned…

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk to you soon ~


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