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Happy Birthday Jayden

IMG_3919-copyHi friends!!  I just wanted to quickly add this fun Birthday card that I made for my son last week for his Birthday.  This was super easy to make and he loved it.  We go dirt bike riding as often as we can, which hasn’t been much lately, but as soon as football season is over, we’ll be hitting the road!!


Here’s a couple more pix I took of the Birthday celebrations this last weekend.

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Starting with a night out for dinner with my parent’s. We went the night before his Birthday because there was no football practice.  But it was a great dinner at a lovely restaurant called the Crow’s Nest.   I’m almost 40 years old and I’ve never walked across the Noyo Bridge so that night we did!!  Ross was waiting at the other end for us with the car.  It was exhilarating!!  Next is the morning of his Birthday, I always get him a treat like a doughnut or Hostess cupcakes and some balloons and this card.  I remember my Mom used to do that for me every year when I was growing up and even up until I got married!!  I just love my Mom.  She’s the best.  Then Jayden had a sleepover on Friday night and as they were walking to the high school to watch the high school’s first home football game, I took their picture in front of our garage.  After the game, they came back and headed straight for the video games, of course…  To end the night we had cake and ice cream.  Yes, those are flowers on his cake!!  Usually I have one pre-made for him but this year…  Well, this year it was just a crazy week!!  But I did write Happy Birthday Jayden on it.  I wonder if any of his friends were wondering why there were flowers on his cake.  I just realized I never said anything about it…  hahaha I was also trying to complete my project for the big STAMPtember release AND prepare for the Labor Day Craft Fair, which in hindsight probably wasn’t a good idea to have a sleepover the night before.

I have to say as I load these pictures, I have a huge smile on my face.  I’m so very blessed.  I love my family and Jayden’s friends’ are an extension of our family.  My family is my everything.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jayden

  1. I like the card, and I would love to make one similar, but where do you get the motorbike from? I mean the design?


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